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Cat Furniture

Cat hammock SWING
129,00 €
STEPS Cat Stairs
from 71,10 € 79,00 €
SCRATCHPAD Cat scratching board
149,00 €
CATWALK Cat scratching post
from 149,00 €
MAISONETTE wall-mounted cat tree
from 339,00 €
GALLERY Cat Scratching Tower
from 299,00 €
LOGGIA Wall Lounger
149,00 €
169,00 €
PEBBLE felt cave for cats
55,16 € 64,90 €
FLOAT cat hammock
169,00 €
VIEW Cat Window Perch
79,00 €
LucyBalu x Choupette Cat Hammock
169,00 €
STRAIGHT Cat wall board
159,00 €
WAVE cat climbing step XXL
from 159,00 €
LOOLOO cat litter tray
279,00 €
DINGHY cat bed
129,00 €

Designer cat furniture: unique and individually combinable

We believe in "quality over quantity". We have designed and developed each of our products ourselves with great care. The products are manufactured by companies that are located in Germany, wherever possible. We want to prove that cat furniture can be both functional and beautiful. Above all, the durability of our cat furniture is important to us. Cats are usually not the biggest fans of change and would like to keep their furniture for the rest of their lives. That's why you can buy replacement parts from us for almost all our products.

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