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Choupette x LucyBalu - a snuggly love story

Karl Lagerfeld mit Choupette

If it was legal, he would get married to Choupette, the great fashion legend once pondered. And that actually says everything about the special connection Karl Lagerfeld had with the blue-eyed Burmese cat. What can we say: Choupette wouldn't be Choupette if she didn´t have great taste like her dad. The hammock we sent to her new home in Paris with the permission of her agent was promptly chosen as her new favourite spot.

Not only Lagerfeld's darling cat, but the whole Choupette team is enthusiastic about our sleek and high-quality cat furniture. We were allowed to meet the beautiful cat at a photo shoot. It was a great experience especially because we could somehow also feel the aura of Karl Lagerfeld in her proximity. You can read more about this unusual cooperation here.

The special editions with Choupette Lagerfeld at a glance:

SWING x Choupette

Together with the Choupette team, we designed a special edition of the SWING hammock. A limited edition that designed following Karl Lagerfelds style code. You want to chill out in style too? Click here for the SWING x Choupette cat hammock

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Karl Lagerfeld mit Choupette
Choupette Lagerfeld Futternapf

GARÇON s.v.p. x Choupette

The Garçon, s'il vous plaît food dish series developed by Sieger Design for LucyBalu is unique in itself. But the Design Edition for Choupette Lagerfeld is certainly the world's most exclusive bowl for cats. The product is hand-painted with real gold in a porcelain manufactory in Germany.

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CHECK-IN x Choupette

Choupette is famous for her jet-set lifestyle. She accompanied Karl Lagerfeld on his travels in his private jet and still travels regularly today. Now Choupette travels in her own cat carrier bag by LucyBalu.

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Choupette Katzentasche

How LucyBalu managed the coup with Choupette?

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